150 Mg Pills

How many misguided facts about Viagra have you heard in your life? Probably many. Sometimes, you never even get the chance to ever find out if something you heard was the truth or not. Well the fact is that there is a lot of information about Viagra that many people do not know about. The standardViagra, produced by Pfizer, is available in 3 types of doses. These are 25, 50 and 100 mg pills. Anything added or subtracted form that falls in a category of Viagra pills called generics. The Viagra 150 Mg Pills fall in this category.

How much do they go for?

There is a reason as to why they are referred to as generics. They come at a cheap price and highly available. They can also be bought in bulk and used over a long period. The Viagra 150 Mg Pills will require you to part with about $3.5 per pill, when buying a 10 pills packet. The $3 is an average cost, where you can some added or reduced plans depending on where you are buying. The best thing with these kind of generics is that the more you buy, the lesser you will pay per pill. For example, the 150 mg pills are also available packets of 20 to 360 pills. You will find that, for a user buying the 10 pills, they will pay about double the price the 360 pills user will pay for perpill. In most cases, these payment plans are best for distributors, who will buy in bulk and resell the products. Some generic Viagra sellers even offer shipment services for clients abroad.

How is it to be taken?

You probably are familiar with the easily accessibleViagra. That one comes ordinarily in familiar doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg. the only big tablet there’s the 100 mg one, which usually requires to be broken in pieces when taking it. Viagra 150 Mg Pills are a different story. The ED the prescribed dosage for the 150 mg pill is the same for other standard drugs. Take it one hour before active sexual intercourse. This however Viagra can be taken anywhere in the range of 30 minutes to four hours ahead of time. In addition, take it only when needed and once per day. The difference in the 150 mg pill is in utilizing it. the pill is large as it can be clearly seen. Most people find difficulties in swallowing it. Whatyou need to do is crush it, and take it in pieces. If you are sure that the results won’t be too mild for you, you can take all the pieces at once. Caution here must be taken though. You may find youhaving a very long undesired erection.

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