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The drug was developed unintentionally and accidentally by the original manufacturer which is Pfizer. When it was first developed, it was tested to be a drug for cardiovascular illnesses and to lower a person’s blood pressure. Due to people who used it claiming is has a positive effect on erections, people continued to use it for this purpose. The original use was forgotten. The FDA had approved the drug and since then, over 30 million men worldwide have used it to improve their lives. Generic Viagra was developed to help men eliminate erectile dysfunction. This is an issue that is tough to cope with and can decrease a man’s confidence when a man cannot hold or get an erection during sex. Help is required to avoid the mental stress this issue can cause. Viagra pills online are one such treatment to help save sanity, relationships and self-respect.This prescription is one of the best you can use to help treat erectile dysfunction and not have any difficulties with sex for many hours. It falls into the category of PDE5 inhibitors and its main ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. It is very popular because it works quickly and ends the embarrassment of ED so you have an enjoyable session with your female partner. Unfortunately there is high number of men who experience erectile dysfunction which is the main reason why this drug was invented. It was developed to improve erections and hold them longer.

How to use Natural Viagra

Normally it is prescribed as a pill and must be taken orally.  It is also available in a suspension liquid. The most important advice about this drug is that it should only be used as directed by your attending physician and in no other way. Usually, the Viagra pills which are the most common form, can be taken anywhere from an hour before you plan to be sexually active but you may have a longer interval in between. You can take it up to 4 hours prior to sexual activity.Before you take the prescription, it is best to discuss with your doctor any health conditions you may have since it may not work properly in conjunction with other prescriptions. This is important to avoid any medical complications that may arise from its use without a full medical history.In the beginning, your Viagra dosage will be low and then it will be changed accordingly depending on how well it works or if the initial dosage does not work well for you. You must speak to your doctor if Viagra generic does not work for you.

Viagra Dosage Information

Most patients are prescribed Viagra 100 mg but may be different depending on the doctor and your health. It should not be take more than once daily, so more than this should be avoided. Taking it more than once a day, may have a negative effect on your health.A Viagra dosage of 25 mg may also be prescribed to some patients and in this case, you can take it once in 48 hours. If you are age 65 or older, you may start with a 25 mg dosage and then adjust it if required. This is at the doctor’s discretion, of course.

Viagra Pills Side Effects

As with any drug, you must be aware of side effects before you use it. Keep in mind that any side effects from generic Viagra must be reported to your doctor. They are rare but you should still know what they are. This drug may cause cardiovascular issues in rare cases and possibly also Pripism which is a condition in which the erection is prolonged. Rare cases of side effects also include visual problems and also issues with hearing abilities. This drug should not be used with other PDE5 inhibitors due to the side effects it may cause.

How long does Viagra Last

Natural Viagra can last up to 5 hours but it will vary from one person to another. For some men, the effects wear off quickly but others have a longer effect from it. Some aspects will determine how long it lasts. Age will determine how long you experience the results of natural Viagra. If you are older than age 65, then the effect may last for a longer duration due to metabolic rate. Eating foods that are high in fat will prevent the prescription from working as quickly as it should. You can however, take the pill on an empty stomach which will help it to quickly “kick in”. Other factors include the dosage prescribed and your health.

Natural Viagra Precautions

Before you start taking Viagra, you need to discuss allergies with your doctor and if you’re not sure, the pharmacist can also help. If you have been taking other drugs, you must advise the doctor to prevent medical complications that can occur if the prescriptions are not compatible. The discussion should also include any over the counter products you are using.

What other Options are there to get it?

Viagra samples are offered for free so it’s a good idea to test it and see if it works for you before you buy the prescription. This way, you’re not wasting money and your only investment is time, seeing if it suits you or not. If you’re happy with the Viagra samples, then keep using it. It’s a try before you buy method.

Viagra for Women

The FDA has just recently approved a version of female Viagra but advising the users is recommended. This form of Viagra is called Flibanserin and it can be used by women who have sexual difficulties during or after menopause. It’s the first approved drug by the FDA that can treat both women as well as men. This is highly beneficial for women who have a low sex desire. The regular Viagra is not recommended for women and will not work. That version was created and is approved only for men.

How Viagra Generic Works

When a man has an erection, signals are send by the brain to the sexual part of the body. These are then responsible for the release of nitric oxide which promotes cGMP. This is an important enzyme to ensure proper circulation to the penis and relaxes the muscles in this area. The improved circulation is what allows the erection to last longer and allows a couple to enjoy their sexual session. Generic Viagra can improve your sex life and get it back in good condition so you can have a satisfying relationship with your partner. No, it is not a cure for impotence but it is an erectile dysfunction temporary treatment. With most men, it works well, but you must have the desire for sex for it to work the way it was intended to. If you don’t have the desire, it will not help you.