Are you wondering How Does a Penile Implant Work, what are the benefits?

Historically, a penile implant was used on those who had sustained a spinal cord injury. The surgical procedure allowed them to continue enjoying intimate relations with their partner. Once the operation and engineering mechanisms had been refined by designers, the geriatric population with a younger spouse also requested the device.

The Penile Implant

The device requires extensive surgery and are only recommended when all other treatments have failed. The procedure has risks and often severe complications. Also, you will need ongoing monitoring. You can choose from two types: the semirigid and the easy-to-use handy inflatable. They both function dissimilarly and have their pluses and minuses.

How Does a Penile Implant Work?

When wondering how does a penile implant work, you must take into consideration the mechanism and its multitude of functions? Each has its own bells and whistles.

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h9991483_001Inflatable: The inflatable implant is very desirable because it is discreet. You inflate the contraption to get results and you deflate to return to a flaccid state. The implants design features three pieces: the fluid-filled reservoir which is hidden inside the abdominal wall, a valve that releases fluid is attached to a pump that is situated just inside of the scrotum, and two mechanized cylinders that are inserted into the penile chambers. To operate you must use the valve to activate the pump so it floods fluid into the cylinders. When done, you turn the valve again to allow the flood to flow back into the pump. There are two-piece models that work the same but the fluid goes into a pump in the scrotum instead of the abdominal cavity.

Semirigid: The semirigid rod design keeps the penis always burgeoning. You must bend the erection away from the body to use and then push the member back against the pubic bone to conceal the always-hard rod. The semirigid rod is composed of central segments that are all held together with a spring. You can flex it up, down, or sideways. This penile implant is favored by paraplegics because they can hide it in a seated position and it’s cheaper. However, the majority of gentlemen find the design embarrassing because if their phallus is observable then it is difficult to conceal from the view of the public. Anyone who brushes against you can feel the elongated and firm cock. Hugging, dancing, holding a child, or other activities that require physical contact emotionally devastating and upsetting for all parties involved.

Penis Pump Surgery

Do you find the thought of penis pump surgery scary? What happens during the operation? A urological catheter is inserted through your penis into your bladder to siphon off urine. An incision is placed below the penile hood, in the base, and the abdomen (some surgeons place the incision in the perineum). The corpora cavernosa must be elongated to fit the mechanism’s cylinders which are inserted into the cavity. Depending on the implant, a fluid reservoir and control valve is slipped into the scrotum near the testes and abdominal tissue.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

Are you wondering how long it takes to undergo an erectile dysfunction surgery? A skilled surgeon and crew can finish within 45 minutes to one hour from start to finish.

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However, recovery takes time. A cat line and bag are worn during recovery. Sexual abstinence is required for at least six weeks.

Prosthetic Penis Recovery

A prosthetic penis is another term for a semirigid. Recovery after having the device installed takes six weeks.
All surgeries are perilous so should be undertaken with caution after researching all alternatives.

Erectile Dysfunction Implants

Erectile dysfunction implants may seem extreme but if you cannot enjoy intimacies it is the only solution. The hydraulic, inflatable prosthesis remains the most common form used because you can control when and where you display your erection so you are never self-conscious in the locker room, at the swimming pool, oceanside beach, dressing room, or public places. However, the cost is a factor in the decision of which device.