What is a Penile Extender and will it Make your Penis Longer and Bigger

SizeMattersDeluxePenileAidSystem0Women always tell their guys that cock size does not matter, but in the minds of most dudes the size of their Johnson is a big deal. Longer and beefier is better. Few males ever express satisfaction with their size. Nowadays, it has become commonplace for men to go to great lengths, such as surgery, to elongate their tool. However, cosmetic surgery is not without risk. Penile insecurities have spawned a multi-million dollar sex enhancement industry.

What is a Penis Extender?

Imagine grabbing your penis firmly at the base and then grasping the head with your other hand and pulling. (not pulling your pud in a funny way either). Well, that is what the penis extender does. It uses traction against your bony pelvis to forcefully stretch your noodle past its normal dimensions.

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Are you saying, “Ouch”? It doesn’t feel very pleasant or pleasurable. If you are not careful, you can tear the delicate skinfold, damage the nerves, break the cavities, harm ligaments, or do a variety of other serious damage to your beloved apparatus.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

In Africa, many tribes practice body modification. The Batammariba (Somba) tribesmen in Togo and Benin are experts at manhood elongation. The process is used for initiation. During the ceremony, boys become adults. They rub the cock with oils and placed into a piece of elephant ivory or a wooden branch. They cut a hole in one end for penile insertion. The makeshift mechanism works by holding the boy’s rod in place and with a combination of a constant force and pulling from the other end it stretches the tissues. The process normally takes a month or more. If you are wondering if do penis extenders work then look at the tribal members dangling phalluses.

What are Penis Extender Results?

penis-extenderWith diligent work, you might attain an extension of one or two centimeters. Penis extender results vary and depend on how frequently you use the rigging. If you do not consistently apply the needed pressure to tug the flesh, then your body will repair the damage and you will get no added length.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

The Arabs are the inventors of the modern penis extenders. They often use a device that is similar and referred to as jelquing. Are you wondering how do penis extenders work? Made of plastic or metal, a man places his penis into the device and through the use of traction springs, it constantly pulls the penis. They affix the ring shaped base to the base of the shaft, firmly against the pubic bone. They then attach the penis to the other end of the penis extender.

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A few of the models come with bands that push the extended penis to the side so you can wear your pants without having a raging hard-on pocking out of your pant’s fly. You must wear the extender for five to six hours to achieve any lasting results. Sometimes, a man will wear the contraption overnight. It usually takes six months or more to see any result.

Penile Cell Break Down

The constant pulling on your penis forces it to exceed capacity. The cells break down and it must manufacture new cells to make up for the damaged areas. If suddenly stop using the extender every day, then the new cells might shorten your penis as scar tissue develops. Some men develop fibrous bands of scarring, a broken chamber, or a bent dick as the body struggles to fix the damage caused by the extender. Once the process of damage has started, then you must continue wearing the extender every day until your body heals to encourage a straight and long arrow. It is not uncommon to experience discomfort and some swelling. Many men cannot indulge in sex during the process. If have discoloration or agonizing tenderness, then you should promptly seek emergency medical help. A broken penis is a laughing matter.