What is Low Libido in Men and What are the Causes and Treatment options?

Are you lacking any mojo in the bedchamber? Low libido in men is a common annoyance, especially as guys climb into middle age. It not only puts a cramp in your coquetting but leads to relationship problems. If you aren’t in the mood for sex, then your lady might worry that you don’t find her attractive. She could assume you no longer yearn for her or become suspicious that you are hiding an illicit affair.

Low Libido in Men

1e5840f7-73a6-449c-b674-03227480fafcGender roles are engrained in society early on. Typically, men are viewed as creatures who want sex on a non-stop basis. Women must be wooed and courted. The female requires foreplay and emotional bonding to spur her desire. However, men should be ready to perform. Unfortunately, such a scenario is not always the case. Men suffer a downshift in their sexual desire and worry if it’s normal or if they are freaks of nature. In fact, the guilt for not feeling adequate passion can be so devastating that it is not uncommon for a man to become depressed and distraught.

What is Libido?

Are you wondering what is libido? Well, it is that ardent drive to have sex and even procreate. Most males in all species of animals have a libido and drive. They will travel great distances and fight many battles to have sex and spread their seed. Humans are not that much different from lions and wild horses.

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They have a more refined libido than their beastly counterparts but the procreation urgency remains paramount in their psyche. If a chemical unbalances, illness or poignant emotional rift occurs then the need for eroticism fails. The devastating mental consequences far outweigh the physical. Relationships break up, accusations fly between partners, and divorces are taken to court. The entire family’s dirty laundry becomes a public spectacle. In an extreme sequence of events, acts of violence or suicides occur.

What Causes Low Libido in Men?

Are you wondering what causes low libido in men? Three things stand out as the most common culprits in the downward sexual desire spiral that many fellas experience.

  • Lack of emotional connection or physical attraction with their partner
  • Sexual rejection
  • An underlying health issue

Other things play an active part in the decline of sex drive. Stress on the job, problems in home life, certain medications such as opioids, and alcohol all lead to loss of interest in intimacy.

How to Increase Sex Drive in Men

couple-amoureux-embrassant-dans-lit_1098-277Here are a few pointers if you are wondering how to increase sex drive in men:

  • Counseling, especially relationship counseling
  • Undergo a complete physical to rule out any health ailments
  • Take a vacation
  • Talk about your problems

How to Get my Sex Drive Back Male

If you are trying to resolve the how to get my sex drive back male dilemma, then it’s never easy until you admit that you have an obstacle.

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So many men feel like a low sex drive emasculates them. They fear to visit a medical doctor and talking about such a private issue.

Low Libido treatments

If you have ruled out a psychological problem and your relationship is in good standing with your loved one, then you must explore other low libido treatments to solve the problem.

  • Lifestyle: Make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Obesity: Lose Weight
  • Exercise: Avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  • Hormones: Undergo hormone testosterone replacement.
  • Medications: Medications can spur a dip in your lust factor. Sit down with your doctor to discuss all of your prescriptions in depth to see if any of them have the side effect of decreased libido. Some blood pressure medications and other things that might upset your system’s balance.
  • Alcohol: Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Smoking: Studies have shown that tobacco use impairs sexual desire.